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"Books can be an intense life coaching session, conditioning the reader for several hours then releasing them back into the world as a confident, more inspiring person.  Bring me those books." - Kristin (formerly Musing Sallie)

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Topics to Talk About

Romance conventions (past, present or future, inside scoop, survival guides), romance events (author signings, book tours), book releases, comfortably writing sex scenes, making heroes/heroines sexy, heroes/heroines are not created equal, life compared to romances, writing category romance, rewriting for submission calls, query letters, self publishing, book cover's importance, beta reader uses, how to use/give criticism, novel trailers (live action, still shots), Twitter #1k1hr, social media and marketing/connections, blog tours (usefulness, uselessness, how to), author website v. blog, how to support favorite authors, romance industry's influence, modeling the romance cover, selling through Amazon and Smashwords, ereaders and paper, and any other romance topic you can effectively write about.

So You're Interested In...


Everyone is considered:  authors, bloggers, editors, agents, publishers, photographers, cover models, book characters, website designers and anyone from any facet of the romance industry. Interviews are currently on Wednesdays. Bookings are made as far as two weeks in advance, but you can be put on the list.
(Yes, the list is used.) 

All interviews contain a picture of the interviewee. That picture is supplied by you or we create your likeness in Window's Paint program.
(Think stick figures. Our drawing is worse.)

Guest Blogs

Everyone is considered: see the list of all the people and topics mentioned above. It's impossible to post a review each day.
Guest blogs are meant to fill those spots.


Ravishing Romances is a labor of love.
If it makes money we have to pay taxes.
No advertisement slots are being sold at this time. They are available for free.
All persons in the romance industry will be considered.
If you've received a 5/6 star review on Ravishing Romances, your novel can have a spot if we have room.

Site Links/Referrals

Many websites and blogs link to each other to share traffic.
This will be considered and if both sites are complimentary, accepted.
(i.e., We will not link to your photography studio unless you shoot the smexy like Jenn LeBlanc.)

Blog Tours

Ravishing Romances is a member of Authors Angels and will also participate in blog tours independently. Tours may or may not include a book review, but should include an interview, author blog post or guest book review.

All blog tours contain a picture/bio of the author and picture of the product being promoted. These need to be provided by you or we'll resort to Window's Paint program.

Book Reviews

Ravishing Romances is accepting novels.

Self publishers are encouraged to submit.

If we cannot accept your novel, we will try to find a blog who can, or suggest a different promotion.

Electronic novels are preferred, but paper copies will be considered.
Please let me know if your electronic copy should be deleted once the review is written.

We prefer to keep it. Often we refer to previously reviewed novels for quotes and blog posts. If your book is deleted we cannot use it.

Book reviews are generally 500 - 800 words and take a minimum of two hours to write.

Please do not send us something you are not proud of.
Each book review includes links to your social media, publishing company and excerpts.

Once we have agreed to review your novel you will receive a template. This template must be completed and returned prior to us starting the review. (This saves us thirty minutes to an hour of Google searches. Thank you in advance.)

If we agree to review your novel, you will get a review.
If for some reason this changes we will contact you with sincere, legitimate apologies and offer you alternatives.

With each book review we use the novel cover.
We must receive that novel cover from you.
(Again, think Paint program.)

We do not review young adult novels.

We prefer advance notice, but deliberately space out commitments to fit you in.
If all else fails, there's always the list.

We have written and will write more low star reviews (less than 3 stars). 

These instances are handled on a case by case basis, but generally...

All reviews are posted here.
Sometimes reviews are posted on Facebook, Goodreads and Amazon, but we do no guarantee it.
If your novel receives a low review we will not tag you in these posts.
We will contact you about your low star review prior to posting unless we received your novel from your publisher (and therefore have made an agreement with them).

We have written and will write more high star reviews (4 stars or above). 

These reviews are pimped out.
Sometimes reviews are posted on Facebook, Goodreads and Amazon, but we do no guarantee it.
They're good press for you and generate good traffic for us. We'll tag you. We might tag your publisher. We quite possibly might send you fan girl emails about how awesome you are. 

Before you ask us to review, please be aware of how our reviews read.

They are detailed and (hopefully) respectful, but even if we are besties we will mention what we do not like.

See examples:

2.5 star review
3 star review
4.5 star review
5 star review
6 star review

You want a good review.  Will we like your book?

We do not know.  We will read a sample and give you a guess.

Novel pet peeves: over-explanatory dialogue, rushed plots, silliness (not to be confused with humor), unbelievability (anything can be believable if written properly), novels written mostly in past tense, inconsistent character personalities/actions and unexplained love at first sight (this happens, I'm tolerant).

Books we love: Anything by Monica McCarty, Amber Lin's Giving It Up, Ruthie Knox's Ride With Me and About Last Night, Barbara Samuel's The Sleeping Night, Gina Maxwell's Seducing Cinderella, Tawna Fenske's Believe It or Not, Pamela Clare's Defiant, Nicky Charles's entire The Mating series, Marie Force's characters (larger than life, imperfect, real and the best love at first sight scene ever in her novel The Fall).

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