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"I was introduced to Kristin while facilitating the production of an anthology for my local writer's group. There were twenty-three stories in all, and I must say the authors were thrilled with her edits, and a number of them stated they wanted to use Kristin to edit their other works. The stories in the anthology were highly varied and Kristin's thorough edits brought out the best in each one. 
I was impressed with Kristin and her editing skills for several reasons. Not only were her suggested edits spot-on, she was a dream to work with. She dealt with every question, concern and technical issue with gracious professionalism, and with a project involving so many people it was no easy task. Kristin did an outstanding job and I highly recommend her.
~ Author Kathy Bennett

"Kristin did a fantastic job beta reading my New Adult novel When in Paris. Her notes were concise and easy to understand. She has a keen eye and knows what's important in a book, especially when it comes to characterization. I will definitely be using her for my future books.

"As with every author, hitting the send button to an agent or publisher is always the most dreaded part of our craft. Working with Kristin has literally taken the trepidation out of it. She's thorough, honest, easy to work with and she really knows how to get to the heart of a story. My works-in-progress have only improved under her watchful eye and I am confident that when submitted, they will have a diamond shine." 
~ Author A.D. Marrow

"Kristin has a knack for identifying plot holes and inconsistencies with characters, which are things that can make or break your novel. Her biggest strength is editing more like an intelligent reader than a Literature Nazi. She understands that good writing doesn't always need to follow the strictest of rules, but rather it needs to engage the reader so deeply that they don't notice an adverb or two. That being said, she's also excellent at telling you when to axe the excess and tighten things up. She's like a tailor for your book."
~ New York Times Bestselling Author Gina L. Maxwell

"Kristin beta read an early draft of Razing Kayne for me, however what I got back was much more than simple feedback from a beta-reader. Her professionalism, insight into plot and character development, attention to details, and clear and concise feedback was invaluable. I highly recommend her services."  
~ Amazon Bestselling Romantic Suspense Author Julieanne Reeves 

"As an intern, Kristin was responsible for reading manuscripts and giving detailed written critiques that covered all elements of writing: plot, structure, dialogue, setting, characterization, and GMC (goal, motivation, and conflict). She was always prompt, thorough, detailed, and professional. Her insight into a manuscript's strengths and weaknesses was outstanding and highly valued, and I would not hesitate to recommend her." 
~ Author Kerry Vail 
former Entangled Publishing, LLC editor

"Kristin has great attention to detail, and asks all the right questions to make your characters (and writing) shine. She truly wants your book to be the best out there, and puts the time and effort behind it.
~ Nationally Bestselling Author Marquita Valentine

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