"To the authors who love their craft 
and the readers who love them for it.
This site celebrates you."

Ravishing Romances is a direct result of authors, readers
and the stories they love.

Why Ravishing Romances?

*  Provides detailed reviews and answers three main questions
How are the sex scenes?
How are the story lines?
Would you read it again?

*  Gives referrals
Recommends authors, merchandise manufacturers, cover creators, photographers and bloggers
Let's stay connected

*  Only one blog post per day
Does not spam
Does not bombard

<<<<    Read "Dear Reader" letter for Ravishing Romances' purpose.

Guest Blog, Interview, Advertise and Otherwise
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Kristin (formerly known as Musing Sallie) no longer reviews.  But I need her!
She needs you too.  Read her resume and contact her.

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