Monday, November 10, 2014

Lilith by Kelli Maine

Who am I? 
I’m every woman’s worst nightmare. 
A taker of lives. 
A trainer of slaves. 
You can call me Lucifer.

Luc “Lucifer” Bontrager is a nomad in Lucifer’s Legion Motorcycle Club. Traveling chapter to chapter, he brings in big money kidnapping women, training them and selling them as sex slaves. He’s heartless, brutal and all business. 

And then he meets his match.

Lilith. Every man’s worst nightmare. A taker of lives. A sociopath on the run.

Inked up with satanic symbols and verses, she’s fearless and completely insane. Luc can’t train her, he sure as hell can’t sell her, and—for the first time in his life—he can’t bring himself to put a bullet in the bitch’s head either. 

She’s his worst regret.

Her words and cold, calculating eyes haunt him. She’s the devil on his shoulder, reminding him of all his sins. He should’ve killed her when he had the chance, because when the unthinkable happens and Luc falls for the young, innocent girl he’s training, Lilith seeks her revenge, targeting the only girl he’s ever wanted to keep as his own.


4.5 Stars 

Dark and mysterious - leaves you wanting more.  

This is the first installment of a serial for Kelli Maine and I for one loved it.  I said I'd never read them, but I'm slowly finding an appreciation for the serial reads.  Especially coming from those authors I know could write a phone book and still have me interested and on the edge of my seat.  It's not new information that I loved Taken.  I loved the way it was written and the way that I wasn't supposed to be okay with what happened.  This book took me on the same journey.  I didn't want to like Lucifer - but damn if I couldn't help it.  

I suggest you swing by Amazon on November 11th and pick up a copy.  The only thing you'll be missing out on if you don't is a great read.  

Enchanting Ella 
(I'm baaaaaaaack bitches!!)